Celebrate 20 – The Vermillion Way

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Produced by e=mc2 events September 20th, 2014, Vermilion  Energy’s Celebrate 20 was a feat of design and planning excellence.

Vermilion Energy prides itself on having a culture that celebrates their people. Keri Miller CSEP Creative Director of  e=mc2 events and Dwayne Maurer, CSEP  the producer of this event, ensured that the team at e, understood that what mattered was for guests to experience and embrace the brand and culture of Vermillion and honour their people, places and history.  And that is exactly what happened.

In honour of 20 amazing years, Vermilion Energy hosted a reception style anniversary celebration at Hotel Arts in Calgary called CELEBRATE 20. Guests were enveloped in a world class evening, where they were taken on a journey around the globe featuring their six different locations; Canada, France, Australia, The Netherlands, Ireland and Germany.  Inspired by their culture, the entire event was designed around their brand and the timeline of their growth.  e=mc2 events infused it into everything; they didn’t shy away from it and the messaging was clear, come CELEBRATE 20 years of greatness together!

The Hotel Arts foyer was transformed into a 60 foot long Vermilion red carpet complete with Vermilion’s company timeline piece. Guests were treated to a red carpet experience and their own “Hollywood” paparazzi moment as they posed in front of “their” time or location within the company history.

The evening was electric and constantly transforming, as a new country was introduced every 20 minutes during the first two hours of the event. Countries were showcased via location screen imagery on custom wall and screen surrounds, passed food, live music, and clever additions to the centerpieces in lounges and food stations. This was facilitated by “dramatic servers” that were featured on the stage while presenting a centrepiece addition and a food service item to global music. The waiter’s attire changed subtly throughout the evening, as each country featured a new boutonniere.

When Germany, the last country, finished its musical “oomp-pa-pa” the party band hit the main stage and the dance floor went crazy. After the first set was over, “Marilyn” made a special appearance as she entered the room singing her famous, “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”. She called the CEO up and serenaded him at the same time an impressive oil-derrick inspired birthday cake was revealed.

The Vermilion Energy culture is one of fun and hard work and they love to dance. Entertainment consisted of a D.J., a live 5-piece band playing country specific lounge music, as well as “America’s Best Dance Band”, the always-high energy Liquid Blue. The dance floor was packed all night.

No Vermilion party would be complete without an outdoor swimming pool filled with Ping-Pong balls! The Founder/CEO and his guests were over the moon when the  e=mc2 events team used the Ping-Pong surface to project Vermilion Energy images and playful pre-recorded scenes.
But the fun didn’t stop there, as the night darkened the pool Ping-Pong projection came alive. Guests watched prerecorded scenes of “Marilyn” and two of the servers playing in the pool as the light dimmed. Later on in the evening a custom animated graphic of the event and company logos danced over the pool.

At the end of the night the clients decided the party could not end without their team cannon balling into the pool! Now that’s the way to end a celebration!


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