Make Your Event’s AV Investment Count

Look at any high-end corporate function today and you will likely find 3D /HD projectors, LED walls, colour washes and the list goes on. Audiovisual is not what it used to be; in fact, it becomes as integral as decor and often… is the decor.

The art of audiovisual however isn’t just about having high-end fancy gear and knowing how it works.  It is about taking the tools and using them to re-imagine spaces, create immersive environments, stage and script multi-faceted live experiences and deliver seamless interfaces between the message and the medium. It takes a company that has a wide breadth of knowledge, experience, logistics and knows a heck of a lot of contingency planning. Bespoke Audio Visual is just that kind of company.

Bespoke AV is a full-service audiovisual equipment rental and staging company based in Ontario. With their experience in the field and state-of-the-art special events technical equipment, Bespoke AV has put together thousands of events throughout Canada from political rallies and media events to corporate fundraisers and national conferences. Their portfolio of past events can be summed up into one word, dynamic! The way they incorporate audiovisual elements into each event really allows the client to see the ROI, literally.

For example, the work they did on the BOUNDLESS Campaign, one of Canada’s largest fundraising initiatives for the University of Toronto raising a remarkable $2,058,559,590 to date towards scholarships, attracting academic talent and research funding. Housed inside a giant dome in the middle of the University of Toronto Varsity Stadium, Bespoke AV designed an island stage emitting a futuristic blue effect from the surface with an 80 ft. wide backdrop with visual effects noted as fascinating and the sound quality as superb. Taking place during an evening in late Fall, large illuminated balloons with the words BOUNDLESS were strategically placed around the outside of the dome to guide guests in and spotlights were placed throughout the interior to manipulate the lighting during the event

The LIMITLESS Gala 2016 is another fantastic example of how AV can be manipulated to create an eye-striking environment. Working in partnership with e=mc2 events and Decor & More Inc, Bespoke AV splashed yellow, teal and royal blue washes onto walls and elegant drape throughout the iconic Fairmont Royal York Hotel. In the ballroom, they designed a massive stage backdrop that highlighted the LIMITLESS brand with big up light floor spots.

We all know political events can sometimes be… well… bare and raw to say the least. The audiovisual at the LPC Convention 2016 as part of the Liberal election campaign fixed all that! Bespoke AV brought in their massive LED backdrop and rigged a circular Liberal banner from the ceiling as the primary source of lighting for the rally.

Sometimes a large backdrop isn’t what makes the audio-visual pop. The Ontario Liberal Party AGM 2015 showcased a perfect example of how Bespoke AV used pink and complementary colours to project constant moving designs on the Blue Mountain Village Conference Centre’s high ceilings and rustic open trussing tying in with the stage backdrop quite well.

Here is a timelapse of the event production:

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