Senik’s Logistical Feat for RBC

RBC organized a series of conferences & galas across Canada with the goal of providing provide insights on the future of the organization and educating and recognize their staff for the past year’s success. They also wanted fresh ideas and innovative ways to bring the groups together and create engagement. To create this, they hired the Canadian event management team Sénik Events as their exclusive producer for the cross Canada program.

For RBC, one of the main reasons to hold the CSF Conferences and Galas is to express gratitude to their sales force. The conference was conservative for a long time, changing the approach was a challenge. Sénik introduced a cultural feel to the corporate structure by bringing different types of entertainment to the programs such DJs, circus artists and musicians. The small change resulted in a total revamp of the feel and energy of the conferences. Sénik calls it the “Quebec touch”

The way you show recognition to your staff needs to be justified, efficient and consistent with the values of the organization. Although it’s important to transmit certain key messages, we need to find creative ways to get the crowd’s attention. We also want the guests to feel that their work is appreciated and recognized; we want to please them as much as we can.

  • White Oaks Resort / Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON – September 17 – 18th
  • RBC Convention Centre / Winnipeg, MB – September 20th
  • Blue Mountains Resort / Collingwood, ON – September 24 – 25th
  • The Westin / Edmonton, AB – September 26-27th
  • Blue Mountains Resort / Collingwood, ON – October 2 – 3rd
  • Hôtel Bonaventure / Montréal, QC – October 4 – 5th

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