5 Reasons Why you need an Event Technologist

Even before the pandemic and the monumental shift to virtual, digital, and now hybrid events, the role of event technologist was a crucial part of making events successful.

Having a dedicated Event Technologist on board allows event organizers like you to focus on what they do best. By doing so, event technologists can facilitate your career advancement, improve ROI and create better meeting experiences for all concerned. For planners seeking strategic, higher-level roles within their organizations, there is an accompanying need to delegate duties to others, including technology management.

Working with an event technologist frees planners to focus on their events’ strategic and creative aspects. Planners can rely on tech specialists for help with strategies in delivering on event objectives and attendee engagement.

Now that event technology is in the form of traditional things like audio-visual resources paired with integrating apps, platforms and data; you need an Event Technologist to help navigate the ever-changing world of events.

We want to prepare you for the next significant event shift and be part of your team. So here are five reasons an event technologist will help make your events better.

One of the best roles of an Event technologist is the insurance they offer to mitigate technology risk for your event. They are highly skilled in reviewing your tech stack and finding efficiencies and integrations of various elements to ensure everything works seamlessly together. From AV equipment, platforms and digital integrations, Event Technologists spend most of their time researching, testing and trying to find the breaking points of technology in the market. They look at technology from a show flow point of view, testing where the potential risk for failure is and building solutions and methodology that mitigate those risks. The expense of an Event Technologist may seem like an extra cost; however, what they save you in avoiding risks greatly outweighs that cost.

GUIDANCE A recent podcast from EventMB pointed out there were over 827 different platforms on the market. An Event Technologist can guide you through the massive marketplace and help you find the right solution for your event and objectives. The reality is that the majority of these platforms are all the same, with standard functionality like video playback, chat and engagements. An Event Technologist helps you decide which platform will be able to meet your specific event needs and objectives based on costs, features, integration with your existing infrastructure and useability for your particular audience and stakeholders. Because Event Technologists like us are independent of those platforms and don’t take commissions or markups, we can assess the specifics of each potential option and help you find the right fit for your event. This also applies to traditional audio-visual suppliers and solutions where we make recommendations on cost, abilities and resources.

Event Technologists are highly skilled in 3D CAD design software and production design, so they can help you pre-visualize your event from start to finish. An experienced event technologist thinks in floor plans and renders and communicates the technical elements of your event in exact detail. Communicating your event needs and goals to stakeholders and partners requires time and effort. You are eliminating confusion and making the process of putting together your event’s technical, digital and production elements smoother.

An event technologist can help you review various options for AV providers, platforms, and methodology to help guide the proper spending on your event. As a part of your team, we can significantly make up the fees you will spend on our services by finding efficiencies and mitigating hidden and consequential costs. We have found ways to avoid wasted spending and eliminate scope creep to help clients review AV quotes, platform options, and technical production budgets to find places to save money and flag hidden costs. This is a measurable and tangible benefit that you can take back to your teams to show the value of bringing an Event Technologist to your team.

Having an Event Technologist on your team helps reduce the stress and complexity of your event technology needs. We seamlessly integrate with your team to be part of the solutions you need to take that pressure off you and your team.

As the event organizer, you have suddenly been tasked with becoming a tech expert on top of your usual expertise of setting the overall strategy of your events, sourcing venues, and coordinating every detail from F&B to décor.

An Event Technologist allows you to concentrate on your priorities while being a resource for event technology, its application, integration and how it aligns with your objectives and goals.

Bring one of our event technology experts onto your team. Getting started is easy. We’d like you to book an appointment with our team, and we will begin to build a custom plan for your event.