Would You Even Know it Was Food? C2 Catering Couture is Changing the Game in Toronto

C2 Catering Couture is one of the hottest new caterers in Toronto.  The company was founded by Domenic Chiaromonte, executive chef and co-owner of T2 Restaurant, his business partner, Enzo Commisso, and Jeff Berg and Alison Kadlovski of Double Chocolate Fountain & Fun Foods, a leading Toronto dessert company. The foursome saw an opportunity to for a truly unique catering company in the Toronto event marketplace and since opening their doors have proven they are were right. They are creating some of the most remarkable, sensational and delicious food in the city
C2 Catering Couture will be exhibiting at CSE EXPO12. Find them at booth 125 to sample the delicious creations of Chef Domenic Chiaromonte! Discover the difference these trendsetting Toronto caterers can bring to your party.
Chef Domenic Chiaromonte Bio

Domenic Chiaromonte is a Toronto caterer and the executive chef and co-owner of C2 Catering Couture and T2 Restaurant, located just north of Toronto. He is also a cookbook author, popular television chef, and catering industry consultant.

Domenic began his chef apprenticeship in his early twenties. One of his earliest and most significant experiences was in Tokyo, where he developed an appreciation for Eastern cuisine and styles of presentation. Those early influences continue to inform his work.? ?On return from the East, Domenic’s insatiable appetite for learning and his respect for food and culture took him to the Hilton Hotel Toronto to work under his greatest mentor, Albert Schnell. Chef Domenic has also worked side by side with many culinary superstars such as Oprah’s own Chef Art Smith. He later apprenticed at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago. ? ?On-the-job training combined with formal college allowed Domenic to quickly become an award-winning chef and plating champion. At the 2005 International Caterers Association Catered Arts through Innovative Excellence awards, Domenic received the prestigious first place awards for Best Plate Presentation and Best New Food Trend.

By traveling the globe and introducing himself to the cuisines of India, Morocco, Spain, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Japan and China, Domenic has created his own distinct style, which he calls “Modern Canadian”. Canada’s melting pot of cultures has served as a personal canvas for his dishes and plating style. He has not only mastered the skills of creating edible works of art, but also transforms a gourmet dish into an extraordinary event.? ?Domenic is the star of TV’s My Favorite Dish and has been featured on Food Network’s Superstar Chef Challenge, Slice Network, Life Network, HGTV, Breakfast Television, CBS and Fox and recently on CBS’s The Early Show and Martha Stewart Living Radio. He is the author of Creating the Unexpected.