Jessica Gorlicky Brings Art to Life


It's not often that a painter can brag about making a living off their art but for Jessica Gorlicky, her artistic creations have been a key to her success.
To date Jessica has sold over 1000 paintings since she began painting professionally in 2000, and today, thanks to positive word of mouth advertising, her spirited art hangs in trendy restaurants, boutiques, galleries, museums and showrooms around this city, the GTA and in private collections around the world. Art and creativity come naturally to Jessica, as anyone clearly sees from the moment they lay eyes on her. She is as outgoing and vivacious as her paintings with a personal flair that is as magnetic as her art.
She credits her success to her instinct for style, her inspiration to her world travels and her technique to years of training, first in Italy and then at University. Her magnetic personality has allowed her to draw inspiration from the littlest things in life – whether it be cloud formations or bumper to bumper traffic
Growing up around the city of Toronto, Jessica has always been drawn to people, their cultures, customs, energy and their overall aura. Individuality and energy in people are important to Jessica, as they are the characteristics in her subjects that shape her artistic focus. Music has also played an important role in Jessica's artistic evolution. It's not unusual for her to paint to the haunting melodies of Bjork, house music, Brasilian Beats or even Jeff Buckley. The results have been magical.
Jessica's creations make any room come alive with passionate human figures and intensely colourful shapes. Each are designed with a style that can't be mistaken for anyone else's but this remarkable artist.
Recent experiences are touring Canada with the 2010 Torch Winter Olympics participating in live painting in over 65 shows as well as a recent contract with Cirque Du Soliel for the entire 77 Shows in Toronto for the new show Totem. Jessica will be painting on a large lite screen for audiences in the Tapis Rouge VIP area each night before the show!Much like Kadinsky and Picasso have a distinctive style that can be easily picked out from a crowd. Gorlicky too has a signature style that is easily recognized no matter who is in the crowd. After all, the artist herself wouldn't have it any other way, as she too has always stood out in a crowd .
Just as she is multi-faceted, Jessica creates art that is also complex in nature. Using whatever materials pique her curiosity at any given moment, she creates art that is a reflection of her own energy and is an expression of the details she soaks up each day as she goes on living her life to the fullest.