Take Guests Back to Camp

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With the warmer weather and the start of camping season, our thoughts turn to S’mores, Scavenger Hunts and spending time around the campfire. What’s not to love about a camping out in nature themed event? The décor, food, fun and festivities all relate to the great outdoors.

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Whether a corporate or private affair, create a camping atmosphere anywhere with tents, rustic charm and natural décor elements. Can’t create a real fire? Set up a simulated fire using lights, fans and fabric or a paper flame fire. Add some log benches or stumps as seating around the fire. If your event is outdoors, provide guests with a camp counsellor comfort station which includes, bug spray, sunscreen, sunburn relief and adhesive bandages for boo-boos. Offer cozy blankets after the sun goes down.

Looking for natural accents to create your camping theme? Greenscape De

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sign and Décor in Burnaby, BC are your one stop rental shop for trees, logs, plants and other natural décor elements. For over 19 years, they’ve created lush, foliated settings and stunning, innovative environments for everything from weddings to film sets, backyards to shopping malls, apartment buildings to offices, and gala events to theme parks.

They can take your vision and creative ideas from concept to manufacture to onsite installation across the nation. Whether it’s a temporary transformation or a permanent atmosphere enhancement, no project is too small or too large to be Greenscaped! www.greenscapedecor.com

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Need Gift Ideas? A DIY Terrarium is a fun activity and keepsake for guests of all ages.  Other take away gift ideas include flashlights, glow sticks, fishing tackle, compass, first-aid kit, water canteen, thermos and wooden disks used for coasters/pendant/ornament that guests use a wood burning tool to burn in their monogram or custom design.

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Cook up some chow! 

Campfire chilli, roasted hot dogs and baked beans, corn bread, squirrelly trail mix, ants on a log, root beer, kettle popped popcorn and classic to contemporary s’mores. There are endless recipes to whet your guests appetite and fortify them for a hike in the woods (or a lengthy meeting).