Adam Graeme’s Comedy Hypnosist Show


Meet Adam Graeme, one of the world’s most talented performers. Hosting one of the funniest comedy stage hypnosis shows you can find, Graeme incorporates the latest fads and current trends into a kid friendly performance, leaving audiences of all ages entertained and laughing until it hurts.

If you plan to visit one of his shows, expect the unexpected; from Star Wars light saber battles to celebrity impersonations played by willing participants hypnotized into scenarios that seem like a professional improv session. His act is one of the most entertaining things we have ever seen.

Studying and practicing the art of comedy and hypnosis for almost two decades, Graeme always had a love for comedy and took his inspiration from Comedians such as Robin Williams, Martin Short and Steve Martin. He learned the craft of hypnosis from comedy hypnotists Catherine Hickland, a mentor and friend along with Marc Savard, known for his longest standing hypnosis show in Las Vegas.

“There are hypnotists out there that do some crazy stuff, and unfortunately people get scared by that,” Graeme mentioned to the Niagara Falls Review newspaper. Instead of convincing show participants to partake in stunts that leave them discomforted, he encourages a friendly approach that any corporate client would feel comfortable with when engaging their guests.


“You can still have so much fun, so many laughs, and you don’t need to take it to that level.”

Taking it beyond entertainment, Graeme’s shows also focuses on teaching viewers the power of the mind. Learning from personal experience, he began practicing the power of hypnosis to speed up his recovery after a devastating motorcycle accident at age 21, leaving him immobile. After just a month of mental focus and concentration, he began to walk once again despite the doctor’s prognosis.

“I’ve had people I’ve helped quit smoking in one session,” he says. “It’s an amazing thing.”

Graeme’s comedy hypnosis show can help lighten-up any type of event, including corporate seminars, fairs, festivals, private parties, weddings, as well as charity galas, fundraisers and group retreats.

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