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There was a time when business was driven by google, cold calls and directory listings, but today’s new generation of planners don’t engage the same way. Everyone screens their calls, and directories are a passive solution. We have a better way, and it works.

Canadian Special Events is a community of more than 57,000 fans and followers from Canada’s social, corporate, association, non-profit event, and marketing industries. They engage with us thousands of times a day, and we take that engagement as an opportunity to start a conversation about the people, places and things that matter; to them, to use, to our followers.

When you invest in marketing with CSE, you become part of the conversation and build connections to our community. Our marketing strategies are designed specifically to leverage our social influence on behalf of your destination, venue, product, brand or service. We have built a system that drives traffic, gets you in front of your target market and gives you the opportunity to speak to them in a platform and language they understand. At CSE, we know how to talk to planners, and that’s what we do; we use our voice to share your message.

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