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STEP 1: Read the Call for Entries and prepare your submission

If you have read the Call for Entries, prepared your submissions,  have all your images and documents ready and you are all set to start the entry process you are on the right page.  If you missed any of these steps, go back and gather your materials and then return to this page.  

STEP 2: Fill in the Entry Form and upload your files

If you are ready to start click here and you will be guided through the entry process.  Once you have completed the entry form, you will be asked to upload your files. None of the files you upload may be larger than 5 MB – you can only upload a maximum of 8 images as individual files. If you wish to include more images you may , simply create a photo collage or embed in the word document.

Any entries missing section, required components or images that are not in JPEG format will be disqualified. Remember to NOT embed images in word documents unless you plan to submit the same images as JPEGS.

STEP 3: Submit your payment

Once you have submitted all your files, click to link to the payment page.  Submissions not accompanied by payment will not be accepted.If you have any questions during the file upload process please do not hit the back button or close your browser or you will lose the files and need to start again.

STEP 4: Nominations

Once the submissions have closed, a panel of ten judges from across Canada will review and score each entry and make a short list of the top scored entries in each category. There may be a minimum of two and a maximum of six nominees per category. If nominated you will be notified by email and you will be invited to purchase pre sale tickets to the gala. The gala will be held on March 27 where the winners will be announced. No winners will be notified in advance of the event.

Please email any questions to info@canadianspecialevents.com and good luck!

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