Best Practices for Simulcast Events

While the event landscape has changed (and will continue to), one thing remains the same: barrierless content accessibility.

“Accessibility is not a feature, it’s a social trend.” – Antonio Vieira Santos

Our team is finding a surge in the popularity of simulcast events, especially in regard to in-person events.

What exactly is a simulcast event?

A simulcast or streaming event is an event that is broadcast simultaneously to various hosting locations through the use of the Internet.

What are some best practices for executing a simulcast in-person event successfully?

  1. First and foremost: Your success is in the hands of the internet and, if applicable, a great AV team!

TIP: A minimum internet connection should b

e 700kbps (1MB for good quality; 5mbps for best quality) and use a hard-wired connection whenever possible.

  1. Time zones: If your event locations are within different time zones, please plan accordingly and ensure that your AV team/teams are in the loop.
  2. Location set up: For a simulcast event to be experienced in the best way possible, ensure that your monitors are large enough for ease of visibility and that your audio, if applicable, is top-notch.

TIP: Don’t forget to do a sound and tech check across all of your casting locations to ensure that there aren’t any hiccups or technical issues at any of your locations.

  1. Communication: Ensure that all ‘on the ground’ teams are prepared and informed of who their onsite AV team is, that all timings have been clearly communicated and that there is clarity around what parts of your program are being simulcast.
  2. Accessibility: With your simulcast reaching a much larger and broader audience, be sure to factor in accessibility features such as sign language interpreters or closed captioning.

One of the benefits of a simulcast event is that you’re able to engage groups of people regardless of their location while sharing the same content. Offers a powerful opportunity to connect people, regardless of their location, who are all present for the same purpose.

When geographic locations and physical presence are no longer barriers, “Don’t adapt to the energy in the room. Influence the energy in the room.” 

– Your Tycoon, Eryne XO