Branding on a Bean?

The Nature’s Greeting is the New Generation of Branding 

 CANADIAN EVENT PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE HOT PRODUCTS JULY 2010 Magic beanLooking for a new way to add green to your events? This creative magic bean provides all kinds of options for special events. From bridal gifts to corporate branding opportunities, this little bean is a BIG hit with planners everywhere. This unique gift idea is designed and guaranteed to surprise, excite, and amaze!  The Natures Bean is a rare bread of bean. In Each can, one bean is pre planted in a special soil. Each tree can grow to 25-30 cm. You can give them as gifts and have guests grow them at home, watching the message develop or pre plant them and give them fully grown to guests at their tables or as parting gifts. They are all natural and may be kept as a keepsake or planted. They are non toxic and easy to use. Its a green gift idea sure to be a big hit at your next event.