Casino Glow by Superior


Take your casino themed event to the next level with the NEW LED Glow Casino Tables from Superior Events Group Inc. Giving your casino party a high roller feel with high end LED Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Texas Hold’em casino tables. The remote controlled multicolor LED’s allow for 16 different color choices.


Superior Events Group refers to the new tables as “Casino Table Eye Candy”. The LED glow casino tables add an entirely new visual dimension to any casino event and they’re guaranteed to wow! Not only are the tables themselves part of the events’ entertainment, but become part of the event décor. These specially designed white frosted tables are back lit with your choice of 16 colors that can flash, fade or synch with music. The glow tables make for a chic playing surface that is sure to be the conversation of your event. The tables are great for reinforcing company color scheme and make for the perfect centerpiece at any casino event. If you’re tired of the same old casino night, these tables are guaranteed to give your event a facelift. To see the tables in action, check out their Facebook page or for more information and quotes, email or call 416-249-4000