Celebrating a Century

Dustin Westling and his team at OneWest Event Design breathed new life into an old theme, blending visual brand elements to create a fresh experience for attendees at this brilliant event nominated for Best Event Design/ Decor $50,000 – $150,000 at the 2023 Canadian Event Awards.

In the aftermath of a year where events were scarce, the revival of gatherings in 2022 sparked a surge in requests for Roaring Twenties-themed occasions.

Committed to providing a distinct touch, the team undertook a meticulous discovery phase. Immersing themselves in the art-deco era, cross-referencing local events, and collaborating closely with the client’s marketing team became crucial steps in shaping a truly unique experience for their client.

Injecting a modern twist into the 1920s vibe, the team played with a colour palette mirroring the client’s brand, lush greens and teals harmonized with gold, departing from the conventional black and gold scheme of Gatsby-style affairs. Graphic design emerged as a potent tool, with the team creating bespoke art deco patterns inspired by the client’s logo, adding a personalized touch to various elements.

Upon entering the event space, guests were greeted by key visual support elements, a seating chart turned into a statement piece and a photo op exuding a green and gold aesthetic. The 3D “100” sign at the photo opp not only added a centennial concept but allowed attendees to interact uniquely, capturing moments that transcended the ordinary.

The true marvel unfolded within the event space itself, transforming mundane meeting quarters into a dazzling spectacle within a mere 3.5 hours.

The stage boasted a scalloped drape backdrop, crystal chandeliers, a custom-branded podium, art-deco-wrapped pillars, and a floral landscape.

Each element was meticulously curated to showcase the brand’s centennial celebration. Tablescapes became a canvas for the designers to narrate the client’s centennial story.

Custom table number stands, pop-up menus, crystal candelabras, and towering floral centrepieces created a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

The culmination of these details brought the 100-year-old theme to life, breathing freshness, inspiration, and a personalized touch into every corner.

In the end, the designers succeeded in striking the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, transforming a century-old theme into a contemporary, bespoke masterpiece.

Photographer Credits: Neil Zeller Photography

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