Cirque Revolution: Committed to Creating Inclusive Entertainment

In partnership with DeAngelis Entertainment Inc., Cirque Revolution set out to explore and push the boundaries of both technology and logistics used in live performances for deaf and blind audiences. The goal was to produce a 75-minute circus/orchestra hybrid show, “Cirque Orchestra,” that integrated musical instruments and circus apparatuses with maximum accessibility in mind.

To achieve this, the teams collaborated with musicians, circus artists, and accessibility consultants to present artistic work that accommodates hearing and sight disabilities. The aim was to create accessible and enriching experiences for all audience members, enhancing the theatrical quality without distracting from the performance (e.g., avoiding distracting subtitles, audio narration, or reduced lighting and sound).

Erin Ball, the lead accessibility coordinator/consultant from LegAcy Circus, was instrumental in bridging the gap between the production team and the disabled community. Together, they explored the intersection of circus arts and orchestral music, creating an interdisciplinary show that redefines traditional art forms through the lens of accessibility. The ongoing dialogue with consultants ensured that each act was meticulously developed.

The project commenced with a series of preliminary interviews aimed at identifying common accessibility challenges and compiling a comprehensive ‘wish list’ of ideal accommodations. During rehearsals, the invaluable input of individuals with lived experience was actively sought, guiding the team on promising ideas and those that needed to be reconsidered.

The teams focused on igniting senses beyond sight and sound, experimenting with production techniques and technologies. The final show featured 75 performers, including 60+ orchestral musicians and 15 circus artists. It integrated numerous accessibility components and melded traditional art forms with innovative technology, bringing together artists from across Canada. In an age of digital media, the team is passionate about live performances and committed to presenting the most entertainment experience possible while ensuring it’s accessible to as many people as possible. 

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