Cities in Sync Spaces

I can’t promise a rainbow over the St John’s harbour to close your event but I can’t discount it either. The 1st five pictures are from The Rooms, a beautiful event & cultural space located in the City of St. John’s

Among our Cities in Sync partners (Destination Greater VictoriaTourism Saskatoon, and Destination St. John’s), there is no shortage of iconic hotels and unique places to meet, stay and play.

The Fairmont Empress aptly named “Canada’s Castle on the Coast” –is a National Historic Site with a storied past and a proud location at the centre of culture and history in Victoria. First opened in January 1908, the building is considered one of Canada’s grand railway hotels.

It sits opposite the Inner Harbour and adjacent to the Business Events –Victoria Conference Centre, and the two are connected via the Empress’ Conservatory.

Saskatoon’s Delta Bessborough is another beautiful example of the unique architecture the Cities in Sync cities can boast about. Guests are transported back in time in this Châteauesque-style hotel.  

As you wander the halls and rooms the old world charm continues with amazing painted ceilings, crown mouldings and oriel windows looking out over the private gardens and river.  

Then there is The Rooms, a truly unique space.

Guests can wander the collections and exhibits and then dine among the best views of the narrows in St. John’s.  The Rooms’ unique design mirrors the fishing rooms where families once came together to process their catch.  It’s a remarkable landmark in St. John’s iconic skyline and fits right in with the Jellybean row houses.

To learn more about these unique spaces reach out to our Cities in Sync partners today.