Creative Club, Building on the Wonders of Imagination


Most of us have fond memories of playing with Legos as kids.  Building forts and cars, walls and towers that stood just long enough for an older brother or sister to come along and knock it over.  There’s a nostalgia about Lego, of a simpler time before video games and the internet.  For Rob Gray, AKA Lego Man and the staff at Creative Club there’s nothing nostalgic about Lego, it’s full speed ahead into a world where Lego reigns.

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Founded in 2009 with a mission to engage, encourage and empower participants in the joy of learning and discovery through creative play, Creative Club offers interactive activities designed to get participants to think critically, to use their imagination, to challenge themselves and go beyond perceived expectations. And it is all centered on Lego. During their inspired sessions, imaginations explode as true out of the box thinking forms the new environment for creative play.

If that wasn’t enough, the team at Creative Club have taken their love of Lego and of building and added a fresh new dimension to their company. With the introduction of the EverBlock system, life size Lego can now be used for live events. From furniture and sets, to bars, props, stages, podiums… you name it, the possibilities are endless and the applications limited only by imagination and passion.

For amazing and powerful team building or team training, for life size unique event rentals or for anything you can think up that can be built with Lego, call the team at Creative Club and let them build your ideas into reality.