Wow With New Non-pyrotechnic

Circus Orange Introduces Cool Non-Pyro Effects

Circus Orange, one of Canada’s premiere special effects, pyrotechnics and rigging companies, is now carrying a very cool non-pyro smoke effect called Cryo-Jets.  This CO2 jet is a cryogenic effect system capable of making plumes of cryo-fog up to 20 – 40 feet high, or fog walls and screens 10’ wide x 15’ high.  The fog dissipates almost immediately, making the effect perfect for product or speaker reveals and intros.  Multiple jets can be used simultaneously with other effects, specialty lighting, and music to create an extraordinary stage show.

Cryogenics literally means “the production of icy cold”, and is used today as a synonym for the low-temperature state.

Cryo Jets can be used inside or outdoors, but are most effective in environments with humidity levels of 60% or higher.  In indoor situations, groups of 200 and up will naturally create a good amount of humidity within the room.

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