Dianne Budion Devitt

Keynote Speaker at CSEME2011 March 23& 24 Toronto, ON

diannemainnewDianne Budion-Devitt

Assistant Professor, New York University
New York, New York

Dianne Budion-Devitt has a 25-year track record as an innovative leader and expert in communication design through events and meetings.

Consultant, Speaker, Author, Creative Resource, Producer, Educator, Dianne is known for her unique and provocative style blending creativity with inspiration. As an Assistant Professor at New York University teaching in the Preston Robert Tisch Center of Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Marketing, Dianne teaches courses from design to event management in both the Undergraduate and Certificate program. She has received and been nominated for numerous industry awards as well as being the recipient of the NYU “Award for Teaching Excellence.”

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, Women In Communications, Meeting Professionals International and International Special Events Society.

Her book “What Color is Your Event – the Art of Bringing People Together,” focuses on the event as a profitable and powerful communication tool intrinsic to organizational management from a sociological to psychological perspective. Dianne is an inspirational speaker and has spoken at industry conferences both domestically and internationally. Dianne is a yoga teacher and presents a wellness program demystifying yoga and teaching tips and tricks to manage well-being based on her own personal experience.

FEATURED SESSION: What Color is Your Event?

Presented by: Dianne Budion Devitt, D3Dimensions, New York, New York

How did event design begin? How has it developed? Designing the direction a meeting and event should take starts at the very beginning of the planning process. What defines the objective and what needs to be accomplished can be strategized through creating a theme and executing décor, a/v, music, entertainment and Event Enhancers® to tell the story. Because an effective event is like a powerful print ad, great play or harmonic symphony; there are plots and sub-plots as part of the big picture and they must be woven together. This is done through a process of storyboarding and use of meeting enhancers. Participate in this workshop with a crayon, marker and a piece of paper to storyboard and create the experience for your next meeting and event!

KEYNOTE LUNCHEON: Connecting With Passion – The Art of Bringing People Together

Presented by: Dianne Budion Devitt, D3Dimensions, New York, New York

We live in a time of revelation, re-invention and renewal. In recent days we’ve experienced a paradigm shift of not only how our industry is perceived but of speaking a different language. We are moving from order through chaos identifying new paths along the way. Now, it’s time to rejuvenate your own relationships and reframe the value of meetings and events in our business communication. Dianne will discuss this evolution and share some new trends in meetings and events and the role plays your passion and the value of connecting because we matter to each other.