Do You Have to Feed Your Vendors?

 DO YOU NEED TO FEED YOUR VENDORS canadianspecialevents

By Lauren, Every Last Detail

Whether or not you have to feed your wedding vendors might be one of those lingering, unanswered questions in the planning process of your wedding.  And while the answer is quite simple (yes!), there are some particulars that you may want to think about as you come to your conclusion. A vendor who is in attendance throughout your whole wedding should absolutely be fed.

Now, a floral designer who is only there setting up during the day, before your wedding, they don’t need a meal because they won’t be there during your reception. But your photographer, DJ/band members, wedding planner… ANYONE who is a vendor and who is there during your wedding reception– they should be fed. Whether you are having a buffet or plated meal, make sure you include them in the catering headcount. You should also ask your catering supplier if they will provide complimentary meals for your vendors as marketing incentive for their venue/business.

Brides and Grooms will be have greater incentive to book a venue/caterer if they offer comp meals for the wedding vendors attending the reception. It is always a good idea for your vendors to eat while you and your guests are eating. There’s usually not too much happening in which the photographer would have to capture photos or your DJ would have to emcee anything. Try real hard to make sure they eat during the meal time, because if they don’t then, they might not get a chance to the rest of the evening! It also helps to let your caterer/venue know that you want your vendors to receive their meals at the same time as the guests. Make sure the vendors are included in the seating chart and have their own table to dine at. This way they can keep an eye on events and not miss an opportunity to capture a moment.

Vendors work long hours on the day of your wedding to make sure your wedding is spectacular! Treat them to a well deserved hot meal and they will be most appreciative!