Dueling Piano Kings

The pandemic did not hold back the Dueling Piano Kings from being nominated and winning “Entertainer of the Year” 2022, as they brought their show to audiences in a virtual format. Everyone was still able to make live requests on demand through chat and Q&A features on the various virtual platforms. This gave the virtual audience an interactive experience unlike any other during the pandemic.

Dueling Piano Kings found a way to keep performing in spite of pandemic restrictions. Their creativity and innovation developed an engaging virtual show. Their virtual show is incredibly interactive, as the audience can request songs on any client’s virtual platform. The audience continued to have a say in the outcome of the entertainment, no matter if the performance was virtual or in-person.

The proprietary song request app Dueling Piano Kings developed allowed in-person audiences to request songs through their smartphones without having to leave their seats. This app created a safe, physically distanced environment for both the audience and performers while still maintaining a high level of interactivity.