The corporate event world is evolving…


techpageIdeas and trends used to change with the seasons. Today we see reinvention almost daily. As a planner you have learned to expect the unexpected and when it comes, you adapt, you shift focus and you redesign your strategies. You are constantly reevaluating and rebuilding in order to stay current, creative and on target. At CSE Expo 14 we are doing the same.

We have designed a conference and trade show that will revolutionize the way you as an event professional learn, communicate and engage. We are laying the foundation for a new way of thinking, with bold ideas designed to move you forward, propel you in new directions, with fresh, innovative strategies designed to help you adapt, evolve and excel.

The CSE Expo 14 education line up is unlike anything else ever offered in Canada. Its a multi -day,  unplugged conversation about the issues that matter most to your events, your clients and your bottom line.

Adding to the inspiring line up at CSE Expo 14 is the addition of the 1st ever Event Tech-OLOGY Summit. This track of education is an immersive leap into the world of live and online event technology and features some of the world’s leading event technology experts, online hosts, experiential branding pros and developers of the the most cutting edge meeting tech tools on the market today.

This year  CSE Expo 14 introduces you to the most innovative and effective online technology with APPSTRAVAGANZA. A full day of application introductions, hands on guided learning using a pre-loaded APPSTRAVAGANZA Tablet which is yours for the day, a chance to meet and get first hand advice, tips and strategies from the developers of today’s most innovative and effective online app technology

Whether you are looking for event management and marketing education or looking to jump into the word of leading event technology, this year’s conference is designed to leave you empowered and motivated to create powerful events which become meaningful and rewarding experiences for your clients, stakeholders and your community.


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