Ensure your Event Delegates “Hear it Through the Grapevine”


Think Pragmatic Grapevie Editorial PHOTO Screenshot 1Pragmatic Solutions, a conference expert since 2007, has launched their industry leading mobile event application; Grapevine!

Grapevine is a branded and scalable mobile event solution that gives event planners everything they need to drive participation and build lasting relationships. Companies can build their brand, connect guests, increase event ROI through sponsorship opportunities and make their events shine.

The app comes equipped with dozens of features that make it easy for event planners to distribute information to delegates, and customize the event experience to their needs. And with features such as polling, what’s on, my schedule, interactive map, social media, and more, Grapevine provides a fun and engaging event experience, brining event engagement to a whole new level.

Attendees will certainly be talking about how they “heard it through the Grapevine”, especially with features such as push notifications, chat, and the ability to load their schedule right into their native device.

Real time analytics and reporting ensure planners are able to drill down to the information they need, when they need it and gives them the ability to adjust their event on the fly!

Features like real time polling and question and answer are built into the app, taking administration duties off the event planners and organizers, and giving the event an edge that makes it memorable to guests, enticing them to return in future years.

Book a demo today and see how Grapevine informs, connects and engages. Thinkpragmatic.com/grapevine | 1-866-736-1413 | sales@thinkpragmatic.com