Entering Industry Awards Offers BIG Marketing Value


If you’re wondering if industry awards matter, the simple answer is yes.  This is true whether you’re an actor competing for an Oscar, a hockey team competing for the Stanley Cup or a planner producing a great event.

The value that an award win can have on your business, your reputation and your team are well worth the effort but the benefits of entering are not exclusive to the winning entries

The application process for entering an award competition represents a great opportunity to pause, review and take stock of your business, while offering a chance to set team goals for the upcoming year.

Should you be nominated or shortlisted, the benefits become even more tangible.  From a marketing perspective, the visibility that comes from being nominated is a powerful and cost effective way of connecting with your industry. The reality is, it’s not good enough to just be good at what you do; it is also important for others to see you as being good at what you do. Creating, executing, and producing great events takes a lot of work and effort from numerous stakeholders and employees, and to not have that work recognized and celebrated is a seriously missed marketing opportunity.

Submitting for awards that you think your work has earned , shows pride in what your team has produced and being nominated proves that you are among the very best but winning is after all the ultimate prize.   Winning awards and earning recognition for your team can strengthen existing relationships and more importantly establishes a level of trust in potential clients. It’s a 3rd party acknowledgement that distinguishes you, your company, or your brand in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

From the impact on culture, to new business leads, awards are more than just a piece of hardware. They are an important part of growing, improving, and staying at the forefront of your industry. The time and effort that are needed to put together and submit the awards is well worth it when you get the recognition that is deserved from a team’s hard work.

This February take the time to enter your events for top honours. This year marks the 20th anniversary and over 627 Canadian event professionals have been recognized for their achievements. Anyone can enter as long as your events qualify. Weddings, AV, catering, entertainment decor, design, festivals, conferences.. 37 categories to choose from. enter online at http://www.canadianeventawards.com/