Experience the Gathering

“The coming together of the world’s most coveted brands, their influential leaders, along with the enlightened professionals who opt to listen to what these visionaries are willing to share. Each year it keeps growing, keeps casting a wider net of influence and keeps igniting real relationships.”

The Gathering is the most talked about marketing summit in Canada. A production partner for the event since it’s inception 4 years ago, the team at e=mc² events work alongside their client, (Cult), their team and their partners to execute the summit, speaker series, social events, sponsor and brand activations. They also produced the coveted Pinnacle Awards Gala, all in 2 days, in the snow, up hill….both ways.

The Experience: Over 750 marketing professionals converge on the town of Banff each February for The Gathering, an annual coming together of the world’s most coveted brands to share secrets and learn from the courageous leaders and trailblazers of cult brands.

The two-day summit includes a takeover of the infamous Banff Springs Hotel with speakers from around the globe. This conference is so unique, so out of the box, a description cannot even come close to capturing its moving parts.

Designed to honour the Chief Marketing Officers of cult brands, The Gathering has developed criteria for what makes a cult brand great, the process of selection, interviews and ultimately the invitation to attend as a cult brand honouree has being recognized globally. The alumni program and introduction of the “Emerging Brands” ensures that attendees can mingle with the greats of the marketing world while being part of a secret society where new cult brands emerge.

The agenda included speakers from Airbnb, The Chive, Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Zappos, Make a Wish Foundation and Fender. The summit has two streams and featured multiple keynote speakers including Jonathan Mildenhall from Airbnb and Guy Kawasaki – most notably from Apple and now with Canva.

The Gathering is a one of a kind event for a one of a kind client that gives participants a once in a lifetime experience.

Partners and Sponsors
e=mc²,  Decor & More Inc.  Proshow Audiovisual   FM Systems   Orange Frog Productions   Fairmont Banff Springs  Nexus Exhibits   SOS Charging Solutions   Bizzabo
Photos credit: David Kotsibie