Fab Offers Bright Options for Seating


Craving something bright, bold and unique for your next conference. Pop these cheerful seats around the registration area, even drop a few in the conference rooms and place them strategically on the show floor for soft, rest stations for your special guests. The semi-circle design of the Nest Futon offers more than meets the eye. When you aren’t using it for sitting, it zips into itself, becoming a futon for flat out relaxation.  This multi purpose piece of furniture is a foolproof way to add POP to your events and inspire your guests

The collection features bold-colored, tufted, often multifunctional pieces that are inventive, practical, and wholly comfortable.

Phillipe Starck

Who says Kartell doesn’t do upholstery? The diminutive Mademoiselle is an eclectic yet innovative armchair that cleverly combines two aesthetic qualities: a polycarbonate frame and a thick, polyurethane foam seat. Originally designed in 2003 by Philippe Starck, the piece was revamped two years ago in a collaboration with Rosita Missoni, who selected the fabric for this stunning chair. Italian furniture company Kartell is renowned for its commitment to high design and its ingenious use of plastic molds. This would be SPECTACULAR in a small intimate high end dinner like Bloor Street Entertains




Some chairs are too precious to sit on. Such is the case with the Miniature Panton Chairs—scaled down to fit in the palm of your hand, these covetable collector’s items were custom-built to replicate Danish icon Verner Panton’s famous space age design from 1967. This set of petite seats comes from a collection of miniatures by Swiss furniture authority Vitra, all of which are handcrafted with impeccable accuracy and often used as illustrative models for students of architecture and design.


champagne cork stool

Resilient, flexible, and waterproof, cork’s unique physical qualities make it a strategic material for all kinds of seating. Stewart Rose tapped the hardy bark as the hallmark of his new design firm, XL Cork, which puts the stuff to work as handsome furnishings. Designed to be signed, decorated, or doodled on, this ginormous DIY cork stool is a blank canvas for expressing your creative vision. Plus, admit it…you’d love to uncork a bottle of champagne and enjoy it on some giant cork furniture. XL Cork is not your typical interior brand. The English company creates items made out of Portuguese cork, blending humor with eco-friendliness.

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