Former Carlton Group President Ron Benegbi Opens New Company

Ron Benegbi, cialis former president and principal of Carlton Group, Ltd., has announced the formation of Ron Benegbi Consulting.
With an impressive client list of such notables as Nissan, Campbell Soup, Bell Mobility and United Airlines, Benegbi has helped build businesses and improve performance in areas of sales, marketing, business development, client service, operations and finance. Many of his clients call him a consummate leader, motivator and team-builder and he is driven by the passion to establish and maintain solid business partnerships while creating high-performing teams.
 “Ron attacks problems with intent and extreme clarity. He helped my business understand the incentive space from the ground up and challenged us to think beyond our initial program goals and specifications. His hands-on involvement made us feel like we were a partner rather than just another client,” says Chris Meyers, Senior Analyst, Financial Planning at United Airlines.
Benegbi has worked in the incentive and recognition business in various areas of expertise including employee recognition programs, channel and trade incentive programs, E-learning solutions, consumer incentives, affinity programs and coalition and partnership marketing programs and loyalty programs.
For Campbell’s Soup in Canada, Benegbi helped structure an employee recognition program that has already received great feedback, according to John Grange, Senior Director Business Process, Technology and Corporate Services, at Campbell’s Soup. “We were in the process of working with another company when, based on our interaction with Ron, we switched. We loved his personal, hands-on approach. His ability to understand our environment was great. He made sure everything was a right fit for the organization. He listened, didn’t pontificate. It was all about him trying to deliver for a greater purpose,” Grange says.
Benegbi plans to use his expertise to work with service providers within the industry who are looking to grow their business, expand their client roster and enhance their technology platform. Through his creativity, innovation and overall executive leadership presence Benegbi's goals are to assist industry organizations achieve significant growth and profitability targets while leading the way through the advancement of technology.
“I am so excited about this new chapter in my life. I have the passion and energy to jump right into new opportunities that present themselves. It has been exciting and personally rewarding to play a leading role in the growth and overall success of so many businesses,” said Benegbi. “I look forward to helping many more companies in the future.”
For more information contact: Ron Benegbi, Ron Benegbi Consulting; 416-562-7662;; Connect: