Fuel Up Your Events!

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park – A High Powered Event Venue

Don’t judge a book by its cover. When someone says the word ‘racetrack,’ certain images come to mind; fast cars and daring drivers battling for victory. Though it’s not untrue that on any given weekend the sights and sounds of high-powered, fuel-burning race-cars can be heard throughout the grounds at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP), it would be unfair to label it as just a racetrack.

In 1967 CTMP famously hosted Canada’s first ever Formula One Grand Prix. Today it continues on as Canada’s home of motorsports, hosting some of the most storied drivers and legendary cars in the history of auto-racing. But when business executive Carlo Fidani and Canadian racing legend Ron Fellows purchased the track in 2011, a new vision for the historic facility was born.

With brand new event spaces, CTMP now has the ability to host a variety of functions. Apart from various on-track possibilities, newly renovated facilities offer totally customizable opportunities for event and meeting planners to design and create an experience that meets corporate and personal needs.

Overlooking the original Grand Prix track now sits the state-of-the-art 23,000 square foot Grand Prix Event Centre, equipped with in-house audio-visual systems and a full-service catering kitchen. Step onto the Grand Prix Patio and witness a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Ontario.

Back inside one can find a comfortable fireside seat in the luxury bar and lounge area. An elevator then brings you to the Grand Prix Rooftop which gives you a unique 360 degree view of the track and its pastoral surroundings.

Also located on the park’s 900 plus acres of woodland, are two additional newly renovated facilities; a karting centre and driver development track. All three event spaces feature contemporary and modern design with the ability to host events for groups of as many as 500 people. These facilities are ideal for corporate groups to host motivational and team-building exercises.

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park offers an exclusive opportunity for an exhilarating driving experience featuring high-performance vehicles. Navigate dynamic car control exercises, learn proper cornering techniques, or take an adrenaline-filled ride with a professional driver around the legendary Grand Prix Circuit.

For the planner, CTMP is an extremely unique and versatile venue. In the last few years the track has hosted a variety of events including corporate meetings, conferences, gala dinners, fundraisers, milestone parties, fashion shows, weddings, and much more.

The possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking to entertain and exhilarate clients by driving exotic cars around a historic circuit, or looking for a celebration space that fits your every need, you’ll find it at CTMP.

With the 407 highway now extending all the way to Bowmanville, and the creation of the 412, it’s now easier than ever to get to CTMP. One can now make the drive from downtown Toronto to the track in under an hour.

Racing has always been part of the tradition at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park but with everything the venue now has to offer, why stop there? The next step is to take this historic place beyond limits.

Sam Fellows is a Brand Ambassador for Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. He is a recent graduate of Carleton University’s journalism program, and is an amateur racer himself having competed in club events at CTMP.