Greco-Roman Wedding by Boom Goes the Drum

Event planners can pull off just about anything.  Alberta-based Boom Goes The Drum is a shining example of how when the rain comes down the planners get busy, as they proved when they produced a spectacular wedding for Sean Godfrey and Jillian Wyne, at The Foundry in Edmonton, despite pouring rain, tornados and thunderous chilly skies.  

The goals for the creative wedding design were a mix of laid back, understated style- a nod to the ‘cabaret’- with touches of highbrow, Grecian aesthetic to create quiet moments of elegance throughout the evening. The result was an elegant mix of Greco-Roman-inspired sophistication and cabaret jazz club, that felt classic and trend-setting, timeless and forward-thinking.

According to the Bride..

“Boom Goes The Drum played a major role in creating and executing the wedding concept, as well contributed to enhancing guest experience while mitigating adverse weather conditions. They brought their expertise in design, programming and logistics, while seamlessly intertwining our personality as a couple into the event design.  It was perfect!” – Jillian Wyne.