Holographic Projection – Fiction is Now Fact

AV Concepts Holographic Technology from AV Concepts on Vimeo.


What was once a thing of science fiction has become an integral part of who we are and what we do. Thanks to AV Concepts’ holographic projection technology, the future is now and fiction is fact.

AV Concepts created a high-definition holographic projection system based off of the Pepper’s Ghost illusion, which is used all the time in haunted houses, theme parks, dark rides, and in theater. Of course, we’ve updated it with 21st century technology to create a three-dimensional, life-size illusion that moves and interacts within a live stage setting. That means a whole new way of giving presentations and engaging audiences. Imagine a product launch where you can show your product’s features via a 3D holographic display without using clunky 3D glasses.

Where this technology really excels is in live presentations. One of their most notable uses of holographic projection was to revivify the great Tupac Shakur for a Snoop Dogg performance at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival—but the versatility of 3D holographic projection is limitless. Whether holographic projection is used to bring back a legendary musician or to teleconference around the globe, innovation like this makes the impossible nearly tangible.

3D holographic display re-energizes events as an engaging component that people want to interact with and learn from. So who are some of the people that benefit from this tech?

Association meeting planners can use the holographic technology for a live telepresence. Say you have a keynote speaker who can’t make it to the event. He can still present and speak—in hologram form! Who says you can’t be in more than one place at once?

The base of the holographic projection work has been with corporations. Frankly, corporate meeting planners love  holograms and what they bring to the table. Product launches, presentations, teleconferences, keynotes, the list goes on. Holographic projection gives corporations the chance to present information in a more dynamic, engaging way. Walk outs, twiddling thumbs, and vacant stares are a thing of the past. Holograms will make the attendees of any corporate gathering sit up, pay attention, and truly enjoy the experience.

A technical director that gets to show off holographic display to their clients feels like a king.  With an undeniable cool factor, exciting new tech to play around with, and a unique, dynamic means of engaging with the audience, this is a technical director’s dream.

For producers, holographic display is the ultimate wow-inducer that these professionals can show off and pitch to clients.

And the audience might be the luckiest of all. The world around us can be rough. Jaded perceptions of reality make us tough to surprise—but as soon as live 3D holograms come into the mix, the childlike wonder that nobody ever really lost is reignited, and the world becomes ripe with positive opportunities.

AV Concepts is a leader in Holographic Technology, contact them to being your events to www.avconcepts.com