HoloWalls – Make Just About Everything Sparkle

Hollowalls has created some new and innovative ways to make your events reflect any style and theme.


Holo Drape
Incorporating any of their unique holographic film patterns,  they laminate these films to a 10 ounce black reinforced fire-rated vinyl. These are then cut to any length you require with grommets added along the top for hanging and a four inch pocket hem on the bottom for inserting a pipe or similar for it to hang flat.
The Holo-Drape is made to order and totally reusable. By incorporating holographic films, they become “self-illuminating” and will spring to life with any conventional light source. One of the most effective in the Holo-Drape is the use of our “Black Holography” films which are semi-transparent and applied to the vinyl surface. They will appear black until illuminated where all the colors and effects imbedded in the holographic film seem to appear from nowhere.
Perfect for stage backdrops, the Holo-Drape is made in widths of 32 or 40 inches with lengths made specific to your needs. For storage, simply roll up and put away.
Black Hologaphy

Unique to their  line of standard holographic films, Holo-Walls has the capability of producing a product they call “Black Holography” – a process of applying semi-transparent holographic films against a black substrate such as vinyls, Sintra/Coreplast, Gatorboard/Foam-Core, etc. utilizing proprietary application techniques and special adhesives.

By applying these select films to black substrates such as vinyl – Holo-Sheen, Holo-Plaid, Northern Lights, and our new Galaxy pattern – are produced at 65% transparency and while maintaining its holographic properties, the pattern becomes elegant, soft and mysterious.
Used primarily with the  “Holo-Drape” line of innovative products, these can become holographic “banners” used for stage backdrops and room décor. Simply add light and these panels pop to life! Other successful applications including dance floors, bar fronts and wall treatments.
Holo Floors – Engineered Flooring SystemA unique holographic and specialty effects films engineered into a sturdy, rugged, easy to assemble portable floor packages or straight lamination to clear impact/scratch resistant polycarbonate sheets. Glass tiles are also available.Applications: *Exhibits/Trade Shows *Museum Displays *Lobbies *Entertainment Centers *Themed Attractions *Party Rooms *Retail Displays *Dance Floor Projectswww.hollowalls.com