Insider Tips For Maximizing Award Entry Points

In the competitive world of event awards, understanding how to tailor your entry to meet the specific criteria of your category is the key to success. There are 44 different categories in the Canadian Event Awards.  Each has its unique requirements, so your entry must be clear, relevant, and impactful. Here’s how to maximize your scoring potential and stand out to the judges.

ESP Inc, Best Fundraising Event 2023 Award Recipient

Know Your Category Inside and Out

Before anything else, deep dive into the criteria for your category. Each category, be it Best Brand Launch, Best Wedding or Most Innovative Use of Technology, has its own set of expectations. Tailor your responses to align perfectly with these criteria, making sure that every piece of information you provide is what the judges are looking for. You can find the criteria in the drop-downs on this page.

Clarity is Key

Judges have a massive task at hand: reading through the entries. Make yours easy to understand at a glance. Use straightforward language and structure your responses logically. Every sentence should serve a purpose, directly contributing to why your event deserves to win its category. 

Relevance Rules

Stick to the script — the criteria script, that is. If your category is focused on decor, there’s no need to wax lyrical about the menu unless it directly impacts the overall decor theme or experience. 

Providing Sufficient Detail

While brevity is appreciated (see point 3), don’t skimp on the details that do matter. Offer enough information to paint a complete picture of your event’s success, innovation, and the challenges you overcame. This balance is key; give the judges everything they need to grasp your event’s impact without overwhelming them with unnecessary information.

Support with Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in event award entries. Use high-quality images to complement your narrative, choosing visuals that directly relate to your category and enhance your written entry.  TIP: if the picture is amazing but does not relate directly to the category, dont submit it.

Crafting a winning award entry is all about strategy. By understanding your category, maintaining clarity and relevance, providing just the right amount of detail, and supporting your entry with impactful visuals, you’re setting your submission up for success. Remember, it’s not just about what you say but how you say it and show it.

Five Quick Tips for Scoring the Most Points

  1. Don’t Overlook Additional Documents: Provide a budget if the entry form asks for it. Neglecting to include required documents can result in lost points
  2. Verify Dollar Values: Ensure that dollar amounts comply with the specified limits. If the cap is $450K, your total costs must be under $450K before taxes and sponsored contributions are applied. 
  3. Provide Ample Content: Submissions that need more detail tend to score lower.
  4. Highlight Unique Features: Emphasizing what makes your event or project unique. Elevating innovations and creative solutions can increase your score. 
  5. Answer All the Questions: Leaving out content can lead to low scores overall. If the judges don’t feel they can grasp the whole picture from the content, they will score lower.

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to creating a winning award entry that captures the judges’ attention and scores big points. Good luck.