HYPROV: A Unique Blend of Hypnosis and Improv Comedy Hits Toronto

Performer on stage, using hypnosis to entertain an audience, in front of him are 20-25 people on stage he is hypnotzing. The man is about 6 ft tall with a black t-shirt. He has his back on the camera and is facing the people he is hypnotizing.
Photo credit: Carol Rosegg

After a successful Las Vegas residency at the legendary Showroom at Harrah’s, Colin Mochrie and Toronto’s own Asad Mecci are bringing their innovative show, HYPROV: Improv Under Hypnosis, to the CAA Theatre in Toronto. Following a sold-out Canadian tour and an Off-Broadway run, HYPROV has garnered international acclaim for its fresh and hilarious take on comedy, blending hypnosis with improvisation for an unprecedented comedic experience.

Starting its 2023 North American tour in Clayton, North Carolina, on September 7, HYPROV has now extended its reach due to overwhelming demand, with performances scheduled through April 21, 2024, in Toronto. Tickets are currently available, offering audiences a chance to witness this groundbreaking show live.

HYPROV, pronounced “hip-rawv,” has been celebrated as a “celebration of the human imagination” by The Times of London. The 90-minute show starts with Mecci hypnotizing 20 volunteers, selecting the most receptive to join Mochrie on stage for an entirely improvised performance. This unique format ensures that no two shows are the same, with each night offering a completely original and unforgettable experience crafted from the volunteers’ uninhibited subconscious minds.

Critics from The New York Times to Time Out New York have lauded the show, emphasizing its innovative nature and the uproarious laughter it provokes. Mochrie himself has expressed his amazement at the show’s unpredictability, stating, “I’m still shocked that Asad is able to hypnotize people night after night…each night I’m blown away.”

HYPROV’s inception in 2016 at Toronto’s Second City led to international recognition, including successful runs at Just for Laughs London, Just for Laughs Montreal, and the Edinburgh Fringe. The ongoing tour, which spans from 2019 to 2024 across Canada and the U.S., is a testament to the show’s enduring appeal and the talent of its creators.

Co-created by Colin Mochrie, Asad Mecci, and Jeff Andrews, and with a team comprising director Stan Zimmerman and producers including Sarah Power, HYPROV is a must-see event that promises to entertain and astonish with each performance. Don’t miss your chance to dive into the world of HYPROV, where comedy meets the power of the unconscious mind, for a truly innovative and side-splitting evening.