Impossible is Merely an Opinion


Jason Latimer has a resume that staggers not only the world’s top illusionists but most academic professionals as well. With an adept gift for excelling in science across multiple fields and more awards for performances before the age of thirty than many accumulate in a lifetime, Jason Latimer has defined himself as truly one of a kind.

His incredible academic background embraces multiple fields. Jason’s resume includes Economics, Mathematics, and Applied Physics, coupled with awards and articles for his research in Psychology. Taking his extensive background and applying it to his passion for understanding mystery has led to three World Champion of Magic titles and an astonishing seventeen consecutive championship wins and awards for his performances. Latimer’s television shows, live appearances, and university lectures on his personal pursuit of wonder are globally inspiring the public’s imagination to “Question the Impossible.”

As a child, Jason traded magic books for science books. He began uniting all sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, psychology, etc.) into one playing field to have a better understanding of the world. With this foundation, he has stolen the spotlight on multiple occasions as “one of magic’s most gifted creators” (Genii Magazine). Latimer’s work has developed such effects as shaping water into solid forms and popping them, bending laser beams with his bare hands, animating art on his own, teleporting people across time and space and many other amazing effects. By combining technology with performance, humour, psychology, choreography, and pure sleight of hand skill with science Latimer is ushering in a new era of magic on unprecedented magic.” Jason’s charismatic personality and high-energy performances won the hearts and minds of the UK audience of the television series “The Magicians” (BBC1). Competing each week in the United Kingdom against established British acts was a huge challenge, but it allowed Latimer to showcase his unique style of magic and the viewer’s response was overwhelming. Over the course of six specials, Jason was named the season’s winner and series champion by publ At twenty-two, Latimer was awarded the titles of “World Champion of Invention and Design” and well as “World Champion of Close up Magic,” which led to him receiving magic’s highest honour as he became only the third American in history to be the official “Grand Prix ‘Best Overall’ World Champion of Magic.” 

Latimer’s fascination with wonder has pioneered effects such as 360-degree live “Bullet Time” levitations of people on stage, levitating liquids, forming smoke and many other jaw-dropping, live visual effects on stage. Jason’s work has brought wonder to the twenty-first century while his imagination has inspired millions around the world.