The Airstar Dome


AIRSTAR Canada supplies lighting and unique decor elements for special events, films and more. Airstar’s featured product this week is the inflatable event venue. Literally popping up anywhere and everywhere, the AIRSTAR Event Dome is a fully inflatable venues that go up in ½ a day. They use a 3rd less staff, power and materials and permits compared to other tents and temp structures and complete installation is a snap. The largest is 4000 square feet. 
This venue is 100% flame retardant and it physically cannot collapse as the Dome is pressurized with independent fan systems. If one stops, the other is strong enough to support the structure.  Because of its shape and size its totally wind resistant Differing from a tent and again due to the shape they have a solar reflector on top which helps regulate the temperature. All units come with AC.   Inside projection can be placed on any wall and the sound, Surprisingly enough, it is better to place the sound speakers outside the Dome. Sound disperses through the fabric and evenly distributes inside.
airstar 2
The Domes are an incredibly “Classy” look exterior and interior and have an impressive height inside (30 feet). The domes are great for projection and have no stakes or guide lines. During the day the light is bright, soft and shadow free and at night create an awe inspiring dispaly from within that can be seen for miles in every direction. For designers its  a blank canvas to work in. They can create very unique ambiance inside and outside the dome with proper lighting equipment, staging and displays.