It’s Not About What You See, It’s About What You Smell

Scent Camera is about to be introduced to the world and it takes the notion of a camera to a whole new level.

The creative and innovative startup Scent Camera is developing an extraordinary solution that allows humans to capture, store and relieve all kinds of scents – repeatedly.

“It works like a handheld camera where you press a button to ‘record’ the scent you want to store. So, when you press the button, Scent Camera will capture the molecules of the scent, which is stored in a little capsule that is a part of the device,” says Sandris Murins, founder of Scent Camera.

The capsule contains a small number of chemicals that absorbs the scent molecules. You then press a button that disconnects the chemicals from the scent molecules.

“The scent molecules are now stored and ready to be pumped out of the device when needed. The idea is to capture a scent, which you can experience whenever you want to,

This means you can store the smell of a beautiful flower or grandma’s homemade cookies for up to three months.

The idea behind Scent Camera came over 18 years ago when Sandris Murins was just a student. For a long time, Sandris didn’t believe in the idea of a device that could capture scents but he trusted his gut to make it a reality. He connected with over a hundred different chemists from all over the world and who all had a Ph.D. in chemistry,”

He then began to research the possibilities of recording scents with some of the chemists he had reached out to.

“Surprisingly, some of the chemists said that it was possible to make an actual device that could capture and store different kinds of scents. Then they urged him to experiment with the idea and some chemicals, which paid off,” tells Sandris Murins.

In February 2020, Scent Camera finally launched after a long time of trying to get the Latvian authorities to get on board with the concept.

Like many other creative and innovative startups, Scent Camera learned that Patience is key. He has since applied for a worldwide international patent, and he is in the process of finalizing the whole concept.

Although such processes take time, things are starting to take shape for Scent Camera and the future for the company looks bright.

The next steps are to collaborate with partners and relevant influencers. Scent Camera is looking forward to getting its product to market for those who want to create scented spaces.

Author: Janice Cardinale has been named a Woman to Watch, a Top 100 Entrepreneur by Smart Meetings magazine and a powerful woman by Reiimagine in 2022. She is a heart-centric leader, visionary, mentor, and change maker. As an editor, facilitator, and speaker, she talks about mental health and is leading the newly formed EVENT MINDS matter, a community for event professionals, building brave spaces to amplify the industry’s conversation on mental health.  She is the board chair for Seneca College’s event management and creative design program and has opened up her own charity under the name of “Giving Butterflies.”  Janice is passionate about global trends, human connection, and the future of events and people.