It’s Savoury in the City


Donna Wadsworth – food philosopher and farm-to-table advocate is the innovator behind Vancouver’s successful Savoury City Catering.This innovative company is the culmination of a life-long obsession with all things food for Donna and her partner in business and life, Blaine Arnot.

Based in Vancouver’s colourful East Vancouver, the bustling shop is a hub of activity from local clientele to brides and planners popping in for a menu experience in their new tasting room. Donna has worked all over the world and through her culinary adventures feeds her passion for cooking and travel. She brings her love of both to Savoury city and its evident in the richness and diversity of her catering.

While not clairvoyant, Donna is definitely a “seer” with  the unique ability to visualize an event from beginning to end. She lives by the motto “fail to prepare then prepare to fail”  but as you can see from her successful and well loved company, failure is nowhere in her future.