July 2010. Finally a Blog

Hello Everyone,
I know it’s been a long time since I posted a new blog entry, but technology doesn’t come without its challenges…Anyway, here is a fresh new post to keep you on your toes.
Suppliers are a vital part of any and every special event and that is why Lynn Fletcher of Lynn Fletcher Weddings Inc. chose to assemble a team of seasoned professionals to help put together one of the most breath taking weddings I have ever witnessed. From the Tent behind the house (which was situated on the Bow River) to the LED Lighting around the reception room to the amazing catering staff to the most spectacular DJ ever flown all the way from Toronto to Canmore, AB (ok, that was me with the shameless plug…you can laugh at me now LOL!).
BBP_0907Planning a wedding takes all of the technical competencies of planning a corporate event with a sensibility and compassion of a saint. We all have seen Bridezilla stories portrayed on television, so when assembling a team to pull off a wedding ceremony, reception and the most amazing party in two locations, it is important to trust that your suppliers will get it right.
So often, I have been a part of events where one link in the chain of the event is weak and the whole event suffers. Let me explain…
If the photographer is late, this means the seating of guests is delayed, the meal services is delayed, the serving staff are now working under unrealistic timelines to get the meal out on time. Then comes the after dinner entertainment (which is also delayed) and perhaps time runs out on a party just as it is reaching the peak of excitement. This happens all too often. I am sorry to photographers, I do not mean to single you out. My point is that ALL vendors and team members MUST do their job efficiently and effectively in order for the event as a whole to succeed.
D3A_5748There is a reason that event planners work with the same suppliers over and over again…TRUST! Why would you turn to a new supplier when the team you have worked with time and time again is successful at making your events run smoothly? 
So this is a lesson to suppliers that are looking for new business, Don’t push too hard for the business, your chance will come when another supplier messes up. Trust me that they will mess up and even if they have been working with a planner for a decade or more, “you are only as good as your last event” Keep the lines of communication with your prospects open. Volunteer on your ISES, MPI, PCMA, Tourism Board chapters and keep your visibility high to capitalize on the mistakes of others.
And for suppliers that already have the business, NEVER take your relationships fore granted and always treat each and every event like the very first one you did for the planner. That way, there is no chance of you ever getting replaced.
D3A_6409Now, here is a list of all the amazing suppliers that made this spectacular wedding in Canmore, AB so special…you all deserve recognition to being the best at what you do and for taking your role as part of the event seriously and performing to the top of your game. This is an example of everyone doing their job to the best of their abilities and creating that WOW Factor!
Event Production – Lynn Fletcher Weddings Inc, Photography – Buffy Goodman Photography