LEGO Wall Masterpiece

Independent artist Dante Dentoni is a visual artist based in Miami who constructs elaborate installations with LEGO inside of walls.  His sculptural installations are site specific and reveal a harmonic interconnectivity between physical and emotional environments.

Dentoni says his love for LEGOS dates back to his childhood in Argentina, where in school he was given blocks to play with. “I remember so vividly the moment the teacher would spread all the blocks on the floor,” said Dentoni.

His work has been exhibited at NOW Contemporary (Wynwood, Miami), Art Miami, New York’s Art Southampton and “Complements & Dichotomies” at the 1111 (Miami) as well as numerous private collections internationally.

Recently, he created an installation inside a club owner’s house (see video above), and it’s made entirely out of the legendary playing bricks. The installation is imbedded in the wall and ceiling between the kitchen and the living room. It includes Hulk Hogan, a stripper on a pole, N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton” album cover, and other things that are important to its owner. “It took two months of planning and a week to install,” he said.

A piece’s location is integral to Dentoni’s method. As part of the planning process, he consults with clients about how to best make use of the existing architecture. Clients are asking for increasingly ambitious works. His construction background, however, helps him avoid plumbing and electrical components when carving into a wall and allows him to install work in galleries since he is equipped to rebuild the wall after the exhibition ends.

You can visit his instagram page to see his latest work or visit his website at