Futuristic Entertainment That Will Blow Your Mind

The advancement in A/V technology is revolutionizing live performances throughout the globe. With new tech posing endless possibilities, various performance groups and production houses are pulling out their best in creativity to come up with new and innovative shows that will blow any viewer’s mind. Using high definition and 4D projection systems to pyro and lazer technology – we should see more coming to the world of theatricals and mid-show performances at live events as these productions tinker and experiment with live tech. Here are a few that you MUST see.

Enra is a Japanese performing arts company that uses high definition projections, animation and sound to design an immense live show performance with perfectly timed choreography, giving the illusion dancers are interacting with elements in the projection. One of their popular works is the Torque Starter, a one man performance by Yusaku Mochizuki that yoyo’s a small sphere around leaving the audience with the impression it is manipulating the environment around him.

A leader in laser and light shows, Phoenix Creative GmbH is an international entertainment production company offering extreme futuristic performances. Audiences are transported into a galaxy of futuristic costumes, modern music, laser beams, cyber-colours and pulsating sequenced LED objects with the use of UV/blacklight, laser, pyro, aerial, projections and special effects.

One of their popular shows, “Light Vision” is a dazzling hi-tech display of choreographed colour DPSS lasers integrated perfectly with a crescendo of powerful dance and acrobatics. The resulting impact is a completely ‘state of the art’ performance highlight that incorporates many of the world’s latest lighting technologies. WATCH VIDEO HERE 

The Wrecking Orchestra is a phenomenal international performance group composed of highly skilled dance artists that captivate all those who watch. In 2011, the dance crew’s video performance went viral throughout social media reaching over 20 million views, instantly becoming a worldwide sensation.

Their shows feature the use of neon light suits that are time synchronized to the music to create limitless dance possibilities and fantastically fresh and sharp moves. See the video below to watch what everyone’s been hyping around.

iLuminate is another sensational performance group that combines state-of-the-art technology with electrifying entertainers to create the ultimate in-the-dark performing arts experience. You may have seen them on America’s Got Talent when they were titled “the best new act in America” in 2011.

Telling a story through movement, wireless light technology and creative choreography, audiences watch dancers in electrified glow-in-the-dark suits performing dynamic routines and illusions on a darkened stage. It’s a show that’s completely unique and incomparable to any other dance performance.