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Business Meetings and Conferences Matter: New Thinking on ROI

Presented by: Ed Bernacki, cialis The Idea Factory
Some say that conferences are about learning and networking. Yet do these objectives maximise the opportunities we can create when people come together for a conference or meeting?
Ed will focus on the new ways to define one of the key elements for our long term success – the return on the investment (ROI) from a conference or meeting. This is a great deal of talk about ROI yet what this means on a practical basis makes it difficult to define, manage and measure.
As an expert on innovation, join us as we ask the questions:

  • Why do we need to bring people together?
  • What’s possible when people and ideas come together?
  • What do participants need to know to be more successful?
  • How can we prompt them to find more ideas and act on them?

Ed believes the meetings industry must ensure that people who attend conferences and meetings learn new things, share their expertise, create ideas, and then act on their ideas to achieve results.
Ed will also provide tips to help participants at the CSEME generate more value from their investment in the conference. Meeting planners must avoid the result that the Idea Factory’s research finds all too often – too many people freely admit that they attend conferences, take notes, and never look at them again.
Ed Bernacki is the creator of the Idea Factory and also the author of “I am an Idea Factory”. He also wrote a book specifically about the design of conferences, “Seven Rules for Designing more Innovative Conferences”. The Globe and Mail placed this book on its list of top management books of 2007. He also pioneered the concept of the Conference Navigator Guides, a unique idea journal to help people get more value from conferences. www.InnovativeConferences.com

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