Loungework’s MadHatters House Party

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By Stacy Wyatt

Vancouver’s Loungeworks led the production of this post-holiday “Mad Hatter’s House Party” theme. The client wanted to express appreciation to their hard-working staff for a year of long hours and big successes.

More than just another “staff thank you event” this annual soiree plays a vital role in the company’s HR profile. With an incredibly diverse group of employees, a key objective was to create a space, away from the office, where they could connect, engage and socialize. Employees are encouraged to bring their significant others and everyone, regardless of age or taste, needs to find lots to do and a lot to eat and drink.

This client was very focused on ensuring Loungeworks created an environment where the guests were continually encouraged to engage, which meant that interactive activities and entertainment needed to be layered into the plan.

“Three distinctive spaces:  The Mad Hatter’s Garden, the Kitchen and the Living Room, each offered a variety of interactive experiences for guest.”

Originally the client requested they work with “A Mad Hatter’s Garden Party” as a theme and presented some simple images that they liked. Having worked with this client and being familiar with their stakeholders, Tom Stulberg and his team at Loungeworks have developed an appreciation for what works with the audience and what doesn’t for the client’s event and legal department so they got to work adapting the “ask” with a counter proposal they believed would deliver the desired results.  Loungeworks went back to the client with a  “Mad Hatter’s House Party” concept.

The plan was developed around 3 key areas; the Back Yard, The Living Room and the Dining Room.  It featured Loungework’s furniture lines and used considerable amounts of Transformit structures to create distinct treatments for each unique space.

” Once every few years you do a job that just works–in every way. It looks great, runs well and tickles the fancy of everyone involved. This was one of them. Everyone stepped up and with the support and understanding of a great client, we could develop a clear vision and execute an outstanding experience for 1500 guests.”

Partners on this event included: AV Strategies: av and lighting
Christopher J Design: tabletop decor, lounge decor and food station decor
Vision Event Photography: archival photograph, photo booths & video capture