Make Life Easy with Social Tables

social tables makes planning a breeze
social tables makes planning a breeze

Social Tables is a web-based event planning software system designed to  create everything you need for event floor plans, diagramming,   2Droom  3D event rendering, attendee management, table assignments, and guest check-in.

  • Impress clients with deliverables that show the value of your services.
  • Keep clients in the loop by sharing the right information.
  • Use software that matches your quality of work.
  • Work seamlessly across any computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Invite clients to work with you online.
  • Customize our software to match each event’s needs.
  • Plan more events without losing your attention to detail.
  • Add new teammates to your account as your team grows.
  • Move your spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes online.

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