Maya’s Moroccan Paradise

On Sunday, June 17, 2018, party planner Heidi Gruenspan joined forces with Craig Grudz, DT Floral and Decor Inc, Aaron Schacter, Bounce Entertainment and the team from the Eglinton Grand to design and produce Morrocan Paradise for Maya, as she celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. 

Steeped rich in history and filled with ancient traditions, the Moroccan theme gave the design team a plethora of ideas and inspiration to build from. They first enlisted Craig to develop the creative vision and Aaron to enhance the guest experience with interactive and live entertainment.

Guests were welcomed into the venue through the Eglinton Grand’s iconic marquee sign displaying “Maya’s Morrocan Paradise”.

As they continued inside the venue to the pre-ceremony cocktail reception they entered into a Moroccan marketplace complete with flowers growing out of bicycles and mirrors, 

Persian carpets on the floor and draped through the bottom foyer, candles were inset into cabinets and guests signed in on a massive embossed mirror. Wooden barrels used in place of cruiser tables added to the enviroscape; it was almost like being transported to the Morrocan markets one could practically smell the spice-filled air.

Bounce Entertainment provided a wonderful variety of activities that kept guests engaged like the henna tattoo vendor, stationary photo booth and a unique pajama pants station.

Cocktails took place on the 2nd-floor mezzanine which provided the perfect separation from the ballroom. Once the room was revealed from behind the venue’s 20’ vintage movie theatre curtains, guests were treated to a wonder of Moroccan colours expressing the country’s diverse history and symbolism through detail, texture, and geometry.

Floor to ceiling drapery enveloped the space while grand centerpieces provided bursts of brilliant colour.

The designers found creative ways to weave the theme into the entire guest experience such as the vibrant dance floor which was a replica of the invitation sent to guests; the table cards which were tied to colorful lanterns; the bar area draped in rich jewel-toned fabrics, so it resembled a tent and the entertainment which featured a performer on stilts made to look like he was riding an ostrich. 

The DJs’ were dressed in Moroccan inspired apparel while mystical snake charmers roamed the space.

The theme was carried through to the custom designed menu featuring local delicacies. Desserts included traditional inspired treats, like brandy snap baskets with a trio of mango, lemon & raspberry sorbet, individual cupcakes with a fuschia coloured “M”, a spectacular cake (see pillow image below) and a sweets table with candy floss and sparkling gold donuts.

Featured Vendors:

Venue, Lighting & Catering: The Eglinton Grand

On-Site Planner: Heidi Gruenspan Wedding & Party Planner

Decorator, furniture & linen rentals: DT Floral & Decor Inc

Photobooths, DJ, ground ent.: Bounce Entertainment

Henna and PJ Pants Station: Little Miss Henna

Bat Mitzvah Cake, donuts & cookies: The Artsy Baker

Candy Floss: Kosher & Natural

Make-up: Olena Make-up Art & Beauty

Hair: Lila Sassoon

Security: 4 security-XL

Valet: Valet Pro

Photographer: Cliq Creative