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Planners in need of snow inside in June have lots of options but what about the chill that goes with that white fluffy stuff? introducing Snowmasters new CO2 Jets. The cool part of this product is that it not only snows on your event wherever and whenever you want, but it also chills yourr event down to a  nippy 30 degrees in 6 seconds. Cryo Jets instantly creates special effects plumes of icy mist going up 30 feet high. These small effective machines can be hung from truss or mounted on just about anything. You can create mist, fog and snow and when you release the control the fog is gone in seconds. No need to worry about alarms because it leaves no trace in the air.   Those worried about chemicals need not be concerned. Carbon Dioxide, CO2, is a tasteless, colorless, odorless, nonflammable, liquefied gas. Carbon dioxide is an integral part of the basic life cycle in nature. It is exhaled by humans and animals, then used by plants to help them grow. Plants, in turn, release oxygen, which people depend on for survival. The nozzle sprays the liquid up into the air causing the surrounding humidity to condense into fog.

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