Next Stop Glamour: Dynamite’s Buzzy & Chic Union Station Event

On the evening of September 28th, 2023, The Carriage Way at Toronto’s Union Station became the stage for an epic event that had influencers buzzing with excitement. The brains behind this unforgettable experience? None other than The Concierge Club who orchestrated an evening that showcased the evolution of Canadian fashion retailer Dynamite. Dynamite is shifting its marketing strategy to reposition itself as a one-stop fashion destination for stylish, urban, career women 25 to 35 years of age. Known for high-quality career clothing, they are evolving their design inspiration, focusing on day-to-night looks and integrating new on-trend evening pieces.

To kickstart this exciting new marketing direction, The Concierge Club team had a clear mission: to transform perceptions of the brand among influencers by placing it in the context of a glamorous night out in the city while providing a sneak peek of the new collection. The result? An event concept called “Style in The City” which not only achieved this objective but also generated a whirlwind of social media buzz, highlighting Dynamite’s new direction.

The evening began at 6 p.m., with guests entering the Gifting Suite, where they had they were invited  to select pieces from Dynamite’s spectacular Fall line. As they indulged in specialty cocktails and prosecco, they could pop by the flower shoppe to pick out a gorgeous fall floral bouquet.

At 7:30 p.m., the curtains were drawn back to reveal a stunning 56-foot dining table adorned with a breathtaking tablescape. Influencers were treated to a sneak peek of the holiday collection while enjoying an exquisite three-course dinner.

Monica Gomez, Founder of The Concierge Club, expressed her excitement about collaborating with Dynamite:

“When Dynamite reached out to us to curate their influencer event, I was thrilled because I am a huge fan of the brand and the direction it is going. Our objective was crystal clear: to captivate, astonish, and etch an indelible, positive impression of Dynamite into the minds of influencers. Our approach to event planning has always been rooted in crafting distinct, unforgettable experiences, and this time was no different. We achieved this by selecting the exclusive Carriage Way at Union Station as our venue—a space rarely open for event purposes.”

The choice of The Carriage Way at Union Station was a stroke of genius. This space offered a lavish night-out experience with city lights as the backdrop and featured stunning decor, perfect for creative influencers to capture photos.

The event attracted over 50 of Toronto’s most prominent social media influencers, who embraced the theme by donning Dynamite outfits perfectly styled for a glamorous night out in Toronto. The experience sparked a flurry of social content and generated extremely positive on-site buzz.

The Concierge Club knocked it out of the park, planning a dazzling start to the brand’s new marketing direction. By combining style, glamour, and influencers, Dynamite succeeded in redefining its image and setting a course for an exciting future in fashion.

To learn more about the Concierge Club and Monica Gomez,, check out their SM.