Not Just for Selfies, Your Event Team Needs This Drone

Air Selfie drone is the only pocket sized handheld drone camera. It is portable, small, durable and easy to use. AirSelfie integrates into your mobile phone cover for a perfect selfie.

Imagine what you can do with this for your live events? You can fly over the audience capturing everything from table design to facial expressions. This tool allows you to take your own overhead “table top” or stage shots and get performer angles that a regular camera just cant do. We predict this is going to be a staple for designers and give them so much more flexibility. Photographers have just one more wicked tool in their camera bag to capture those perfect event shots.



The drone is powered by four propellers, it has a 5 megapixel camera, can fly vertically up to 66 feet and can even record vids.  You use an app on your phone to control it and it gives you three minutes of flying/recording time before you need to plug it in. Just enough time to capture everything around you and post it  right to your social media.

It will be available in March 2017, at a retail price of $249.