Our Awards Show Junkie Reviews the Golden Globes

The 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards were held last night with Hollywood’s royalty turning out for another star studded evening and an opportunity to show off  the glitz and glamour of the world de celebrity.

Chances are if you’re an award show junkie like me, you make a night of it. Popcorn, a special potluck with friends, maybe a party of 6-8 girlfriends to share the joy of making fun of  the  speeches or a chance  to play fashion critic. This year’s event did  not totally disappoint or leave us without content to play with. However, this year we saw a lot  more feathers and funny glasses than anything resembling glitz and we missed half  the  words because they got bleeped out.


First, the decor. In the event industry we are  always looking for the wow factor, with everything we do,  so it was surprising to see the  simplicity and intimacy of  this classic and timeless production.   In comparison to last year when the set at the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s International Ballroom shone with 30,000 Swarovski crystals flown in from Austria by Dick  Clark Productions, there was no over the top table decor, no ‘theme” or  “matchy matchy” decorating. It was pure simple ivory linen, mahogany chivaris and tight bouquets  of multi colored floral in the center of a 66″ round. Straight up, pretty and no  fuss. I for one loved it but have heard  alternate views crashing  twitter since the  show aired less than 24 hours ago.


Ricky Gervais hosts 73rd Annual Golden Globes
Ricky Gervais hosts 73rd Annual Golden Globes

The entertainment. Well, there was none, so  there is that! The host was supposed  to provide laughter and witty banter but honestly he should have stopped at  4. Ricki Gervais was a mess. As People put it best ” Gervais’ opening monologue touched on Hollywood hot button topics like equal pay for actresses and actors and the Hollywood Foreign Press association’s dubious nomination process, but he also strayed into references about masturbation, pedophilia, the Holocaust, Jeffrey Tambor’s oversized testicles and sticking his own Golden Globe trophies up his bum. Then he’d turn around and drop some groan-worthy joke about Caitlyn Jenner.  He killed the energy in the room  from the second he opened his mouth. And I am a fan  so you know this is true. He set this odd  stage for a “sarcastic, off the cuff, politically incorrect” night which went on and on  with one star after the other trying “one up” the previous with foul  language, poor jokes and expletives describing most of our body parts. What happened  to old Hollywood? Where was my dreamy moment as beautiful, elegant people walk the red carpet and glide up on stage, to say something poetic and memorable…. All I  am going to  remember  is  Amy Shumer and  JLaw with their “I am nerdy  so  I  am cool”  routine and Amy  announcing her Hollywood nickname  (yep, starts with a c and rhymes with runt). Big SIGH.

This year’s decor may have lacked that POP we wanted but the meal did not disappoint.  This year’s menu was arranged by the Beverly Hilton’s executive chef Troy Thompson and executive pastry chef, Thomas Henzi

“It’s an honour to create this special menu for the Golden Globe Awards,” stated Thomas Henzi “We’re happy to be able to showcase the talents of our chefs and culinary team members, who look forward to presenting a show-stopping menu for the guests of this prestigious star-studded event each year.”

The three-course meal served to  1300 guests began with a California market salad, featuring eggplant, bok choy, daikon, lotus and mustard greens, tossed in a ginger dressing. Entree options included  a duo  of fillet of beef with marinara crust and slow-roasted black garlic steelhead salmon with spaghetti squash, fried capers and sweet potatoes. For vegetarians, salt-baked heirloom sweet potatoes with creamed corn glaze and a fricassee of winter vegetables. The dessert was a trio of flourless Grand Marnier carmella, lemon mousseline croquantine and California almond cake.

The night’s special cocktail, designed by mixologist Karen Grill and featuring Moët & Chandon champagne, was a Moët Ruby Red, which a press release calls “a modern take on a French 75 cocktail and personal homage to The Wizard of Oz.”

The best moments of  the night? 

Rachel Bloom’s “Oh my God! Oh my God! Guys! Guys! Guys!” moment for her win for the TV musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Denzel Washington's strange trance like acceptance speech.
Denzel Washington’s strange trance like acceptance speech.


Jamie Foxx's stunning daughter as Miss Golden Globe
Jamie Foxx’s stunning daughter as Miss Golden Globe