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By Alisha Olandesca.

Many of us started the year not refreshed but fatigued. We have Covid Fatigue, for sure and absolutely Zoom Fatigue. Add on February’s Winter fatigue, and if you are working and schooling at home in isolation, maybe you are experiencing a bit of Family fatigue. We have become so bored that we are Fatigued by our Fatigue.

Mid-December through January brings me a bit of Trend Fatigue as every brand sends out an annual trends watch list and speculates on what the next/new year will bring. I usually click on a few of the more cleverly titled articles and peruse them. However, this year, being fatigued from work in general, I actively read almost every prediction that came into my inbox. I picked my top trends and will outline them below:

Alisha’s Top 3 Trends On Trends for 2021

Multi-Location/ Hybrid Meetings

This is an event model that I think will be here for a while, for a few reasons. First, small micro-events will be the first to come back. If we normally expect 1000 attendees at 1 location, but Covid dictates that this gathering level isn’t possible, we can chop that up into 10 micro-events of 100 or 20 micro-events of 50. This is ideal because it lowers the risks for everyone. As Covid produces localized waves with localized lockdowns, planners will only lose a percentage of revenue, sponsors a percentage of exposure, and attendees a percentage of engagement. Also, it will take time for the economy to rebound from the recession. Guests will not be alienated due to finances with this model, travelling to either a satellite location that is more affordable or joining from home.

Content Over Quality & Quality Over Quantity

Ok, this is a two-for, but the concept is singular: we all are going to be super picky about what we put out there this year. 2020’s focus on content quality over production value will stay. We all had to get mighty real with each other last year. We peeked into each other’s homes, saw our colleagues in pyjamas, and heard one another’s tantrums and barks and everything in between. Luckily, this unpolished content ended up being super engaging and highly relatable. The upside to rough production quality won’t be overlooked in 2021 as mental health and authenticity are top of mind for every one of us. Furthermore, brands that are sensitive to the Fatigue and mental strain we are all experiencing will be wise to limit the number of meetings and zero in on providing the highest quality content combined with the best user experience.

Versatile Color Palettes

Budgets have been slashed as revenues have dropped. I am no designer but were I one; I would be sticking to versatile, evergreen palettes for a few reasons. Firstly, uncertainty. I would want to easily transition my event plans and collateral from spring to summer to fall, as pandemic waves ebb and flow. I would want to minimize the expenditure of time and resources required to make the inevitable changes. In the hyperlink above, the palette Summer Bouquet is a perfect example of versatility. The first colour harmony is perfect for the fall, and the ones that follow are lush and beautiful for spring and summer. Also, choosing Winery, Pepper Stem, and Meringue as the primary and secondary colours, and any rest as the tertiary, makes a perfect winter/holiday season collection.

There you have it. Three of the most important trends – in my opinion – that you need to know about for 2021. I’m curious to know if you agree! Would you remove any from this list? Add to it? What do you foresee for us in 2021? Leave a comment below; let’s start the conversation.



About the Author: Alisha Olandesca is the CFO/Co-Founder of SOS Charging Solutions. As COO, Alisha does more than keep the ings in line and make sure all of the numbers line up neatly. She also enjoys helping fellow entrepreneurs in the start-up space –  in a speaking capacity, as a mentor, or just sharing war stories over coffee. To stretch the creative side of her brain, she keeps her hands busy by quilting, knitting, and embroidering.

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