Out of This World Desserts

Food trendists can’t stop talking about food that looks like it is from another planet; or that actually  looks like another planet for that matter. Space like desserts and dishes are dominating Instagram. Food bloggers, chefs and trending dessertists are looking to the great galactic sky for out of this world inspiration.  It’s not just desserts that are “taking off” it seems that food of all sorts is being influenced by the stellar trend. Take a look at some of these out of this world food and drink designs and see if they inspire some “pie in the sky ideas” …..

Molecular gastronomy has long since been creating inspired delicacies but of late, the trend is being adopted by event venues around the world as even strategists continue to insist that integrating food into the experience is as critical to event success as the venue itself.

Theme cocktails add shimmer and fun to a galactic theme event. These shiny and spaced out drinks can be created using liquors like blue curacao, grand marnier and hypnotique or try giving your signature cocktails an atomic twist by adding flames, dry ice, sparkling cotton candy or glow cubes. It’s old school but it never gets old to guests who love this theme.